Book a one on one consult so we can assist you in designing a garden that perfectly suits your needs and plot. We'll walk you through the entire process and provide you with information about all of the options available to you.

Sign up for a workshop so you can get hands on experience and in depth training with our qualified professionals. We host regular workshops and are available for private group bookings. Learn here about upcoming workshops & sign up.

We provide webinar sessions so you can learn remotely at your own pace. Following webinar sessions we can assist you in designing the most effective cultivation plan for your specific needs, environment, and capacity.


Every person and every plot ideally requires custom garden planning to produce the most highly effective cultivation.  Let us help you find the perfect combinations and companion plants for your specific needs in every growing season.

We offer individual or group question and answer calls to assist you with specific issues like pests, soil fertility, soil testing and nutrient deficiencies, companion planting, irrigation issues, , seasonal planning and more.

We aim to help others produce high yield farming practices with minimal strain on resources. Let us help you design an irrigation system that reduces water consumption and the time it takes to maintain your garden all year round.