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Looking to grow compost to improve the health of your soil? Do you pay to have your garden waste trucked away?

Come learn how to transform normal garden waste into rich homegrown compost!

Compost has many benefits for your garden including:

  • Increases its ability to retain nutrients and water.

  • Feeds the soil-life that in turn feed and care for your plants.

  • Buffers pH, vital for Bermuda’s high alkaline soils.

  • Improves soil structure for healthier root growth.

  • Returns much of the nutrients found in the garden waste back to your soil.

  • AND boosts the productivity of your garden!

We'll demonstrate step-by-step how to build, maintain and finish a healthy compost pile. Join us for this informative and hands-on workshop!

Sign up here & visit www.ptix.bm to purchase tickets.

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Join our local expert, Chris Faria for our Sustainable Farming 101 2-Day Workshops which will give you the confidence you need to succeed in the garden.

The first day of our educational experience will begin with a presentation detailing the 8 components of GROW BIOINTENSIVE™ Sustainable Agriculture. This knowledge will build the foundation of your garden practices and will include some fundamental topics like:
Soil building
Deep soil preparation
Cool composting
Closed-loop fertility

Garden planning for food abundance


On the second day of the workshop we will teach you how to efficiently perform important techniques needed to grow food successfully in our demonstration garden. These include:

Double digging

Building and maintaining a compost pile

Sowing and raising seedlings

Transplanting seedlings into the garden


Our aim is to give you the opportunity to build your knowledge and skills while also connecting with a community that will support you beyond this workshop. We're so excited to share our passion with you and look forward to seeing you at one of our workshops!

Sign up here & visit www.ptix.bm to purchase tickets.